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The Admission Process:

1. Visit the school during an open house or by scheduling an appointment (required).

2. Application process

  • Complete and sign application
  • Bring Social Security Number
  • Read and sign the Commitment and Statement of Faith.
  • Pay application fee of $50

3. Meet with ICHS faculty to have an interview.

  • As part of the application process, you will meet with an ICHS faculty member to have a short interview. This interview is designed to teach you more about the expectations at ICHS as well as give you the opportunity to ask us questions.
  • The prospective student must attend with at least one parent/guardian.

Generally, a letter will be mailed within one week of the interview regarding the final decision of your application.

4. Upon acceptance, complete the necessary forms.

  • Fill out the FACTS financial aid form online. We ask every family who applies for financial aid also apply to two (2) outside scholarships. Some scholarships are listed below. As you submit your applications to these scholarships please be sure to send a copy to our office as well.
    • Email:
    • FACTS will email you with your financial aid amount once it is complete.
  • Create a custom tuition payment plan with the same FACTS account that you received financial aid from.
  • A registration fee of $100 guarantees your spot at ICHS and secures your financial aid amount. (This $100 reservation is due within 2 weeks of FACTS emailing your Financial Aid amount.)
  • All registration, technology, and book fees ($250 in total) are due the first week of July.
  • Registration will NOT BE considered complete until all forms, transcripts, and fees are received.

5. Take the required placement tests.

  • All new students must take placement tests in Math and English.
    • These tests generally take place a few days before school starts and are used to place you into the correct level of those classes.
    • These tests have no bearing on your acceptance to ICHS.

Please email us at with any questions!

Many, including the families and students at International Christian High School are experiencing hardship due to COVID-19.  In addition to praying for these students and families please also consider making a donation by following the link below to help offset the cost of tuition for families who might be faced with economic challenges due to COVID-19.
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