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General Courses

Theses are the classes offered by ICHS by category.  For a detailed look at each category scroll down.

  • Bible
  • English
  • Physical Education
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Social Studies
  • Fine Arts
  • English Language Development

Dual Enrollment

We currently offer the following Dual Enrollment Courses here at ICHS:


  • Physics
  • British Literature
  • Calculus 1
  • Calculus 2
  • Statistics
  • Theology



An introduction to major doctrines of Christianity and to theological method: biblical, systematic and historical theology. The relevance of the truths of these doctrines to life is explored.

Old Testament
A survey of the Old Testament (OT) to help the students see how the content of the OT fits into the narrative of God’s activity throughout history and to learn how to apply His Word to their lives.

New Testament
A survey of the New Testament (NT) to help the students see how the many people and events of the NT fit into the big story of God’s activity throughout history.

A study of a rational defense of biblical Christianity in order to enable the student to better understand, evaluate, and defend the Christian worldview in response to challenges from other common worldviews today.


A course that teaches the parts of speech and how to utilize these to concisely formulate thoughts for oral and written expression, vocabulary necessary for proper communication, and literature for the observation of exemplary style and discussion of ethical issues.

American Literature
A survey of American literature, in light of a Biblical worldview and of the cultural context in which the literature was written.

British Literature
A survey of British literature, in light of a Biblical worldview and of the cultural context in which the literature was written.

World Literature
A survey of World literature, in light of a Biblical worldview and of the cultural context in which the literature was written.

Health / Physical Education

The course of physical education and health taught at International Christian High School will be an interactive way for students to develop their awareness of fitness capabilities and overall wellness. This course is designed to help students understand from a biblical perspective that their bodies are created by God and are to be used to glorify Him.
Students will learn a variety of exercises and stretching moves which they can incorporate in their daily life to promote their wellness. During the health class portion of the course, students will also learn ways to benefit their overall health physically, emotionally, mentally, socially and above all, spiritually.


Algebra I
This Course is designed for students who need a better background in mathematics in order to understand Algebra I concepts. The use of calculators at appropriate times is encouraged.

Algebra II
Algebra II reviews the principles of Algebra learned in Algebra I and expands on that knowledge to develop the students’ mathematical skills to a deeper level. Algebra can be used to have a deeper understanding of the world which God has created. New topics include probability theory, conic sections and an introduction to trigonometry. The use of calculators and internet technology is encouraged. Applications of algebra to real-world problems is emphasized.

Geometry develops the student’s ability to think in logical way by learning about the relationships that can be found in geometric shapes. A study of proofs and how definitions, mathematical properties and formulas are an essential part of the development of the mastery of mathematics.

This course is equivalent to a freshman precalculus course. The course emphasizes functions, including trigonometric, polynomial, exponential and logarithmic. The graphs and the applications of these functions are covered in depth. The goal of the course is to prepare a student for entry into a freshman calculus program.

An introductory course in statistics designed for dual enrollment students. It enables students to examine and manipulate the concepts of data collecting, producing and processing data for statistical analysis.


Physical Science
The Physical Science course is intended to be an introduction to Chemistry and Physics. Chemistry is the study of composition, structure, properties, and reactions of matter especially at the atomic and molecular level. Physics is the study of matter and energy, and how they are related.
Chemistry is the study of composition, structure, properties and reactions of matter especially at the atomic and molecular level. In this course you will learn what is matter composed of and how different elements and compounds react with each other. One of the main points of focus of the course is to develop the ability to organize and classify objects and information.
An introductory calculus based course in physics designed for high school students. It enables students to examine and manipulate the concepts of vectors, motion, work, energy, momentum, equilibration, gravitation, periodic motion, fluids, temperature, heat, and thermodynamics.
A course designed to provide students with the fundamental principles of psychology emphasizing basic research and applications in psychology’s major theoretical areas of study.

Social Studies

American History
The course is a study of America’s rise to social, economic, political, and military power in the world, and the development of a uniquely American culture due to various social and philosophical reforms and revolutions. Students will learn how to analyze the interdisciplinary and cause-effect nature of history, and the important role changing worldviews have on the events and beliefs of the nation.

Students will learn and apply the major themes that create culture: Relationships, Religion, Art, Health/Development, and Language, through studying these topics in various continents and countries and assesing the norms, values and beliefs of each culture.

This course is an introduction to the study of economic systems and the application of economic principles in today’s world. To better understand these economic systems and principles an emphasis will be placed on the great economists of history who first discovered these principles and created these systems, and on the historical contexts that shaped these economists.

Fine Arts

This course covers multimedia concepts and applications utilizing text, graphics, sound, animation, video, Web, and various multimedia presentations. Students will become proficient in the following multimedia applications:
  • Google Suite Apps for various multimedia presentations and applications,
  • WeVideo for video production, and
  • Scratch for basic programming and coding applications.

Students will also learn basic computer skills, including typing skills, and will learn how to think and learn creatively, critically, and collaboratively. Students will be exposed to various careers and further education opportunities in the fields of computer science and multimedia applications as well.

Students will learn and apply the elements and principles of design to produce creative art projects that reflect their understanding of basic art concepts.

English Language Development

ELD level 1 and 2 
Designed to prepare international students for success in the American school system