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Family Information

Student Responses

Use names please, not just "friend"
Include name, address, & contact info.

Short Answers

Answer the 5 short essay questions. Use complete sentences.
Tell us about your past learning experiences. What is easy for you? What is hard for you? What do you enjoy? How can we help you succeed academically?
Mention any colleges or training programs that you are interested in.
Include all possible career paths.
Sports, Music, Dance, Chess, Etc.
Do you have any special learning needs/challenges? Have you repeated a grade?
Many, including the families and students at International Christian High School are experiencing hardship due to COVID-19.  In addition to praying for these students and families please also consider making a donation by following the link below to help offset the cost of tuition for families who might be faced with economic challenges due to COVID-19.
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